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Boost in Jio Financial Services Share Price

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Recently Jio Financial Services share price jumped by 14%. We cover what Jio Financial Services is & latest news related to it in our post.

Understanding Jio Financial Services Ltd

Jio Financial Services Ltd., has made financial services easier to get and more convenient in recent years.  Jio Financial Services Ltd is one of the subsidiaries of Reliance Industries Limited. It has been creating waves in financial industry by providing various services that are suited to its clients’ various needs.

Jio Financial Services Ltd. was established with the goal of making access to financial goods and services.

Latest news about Jio Financial Services share price

  • Jio Financial Services market value has crossed ₹2 lakh crore. And its shares have increased by 48% over the last three months and over 40% year to date basis.
  • The range of ₹268–270 levels has seen a breakout of multiple resistance for Jio Financial Services share price.
  • For the fifth straight session. Jio Financial Services’ share price increased by over 14% to reach a record high intraday on Friday, 8th March 2024.
  • On the BSE, Jio Financial shares price increased by up to 14.50%, reaching a record high of ₹347 per share.
  • Jio Financial Services, demerging company of Reliance Industries, went public on stock exchanges on August 21, 2023.
  • At the same time, the market capitalization of Reliance Industries exceeded ₹20.1 lakh crore. As its share price increased by 0.9% to reach a new peak of ₹2,989.40 per share on the BSE.

Through its consumer-facing subsidiaries, Jio Insurance Broking Limited (JIBL), Jio Finance Limited (JFL), and Jio Payment Solutions Limited (JPSL), and via a joint venture, Jio Payments Bank Limited (JPBL), the non-banking finance company manages all its financial services business.

With a $300 million combined investment. The company has teamed up with BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world. To establish an asset management business.

What do technical charts indicate?

The stock has seen multiple resistance breakout in the weekly time period, breaking out between the ₹268 and 270 levels. Large crowds at this event indicate a rise in involvement.

The weekly purchase signal with the Bollinger band is stronger. As the price rises. The stock is positioned well above its 20, 50, and 100-day simple moving averages (SMAs), as per economic experts.

Experts suggests that investors purchase, hold, and build up this stock. And it will rise to ₹330–365 and fall to ₹290–280 levels in the downside support zone.

Reasons for Jio Financial services share price rise

  • There are a number of important reasons for the Jio Financial shares price recent surge.
  • The stock’s demand has been fueled by investors’ confidence instilled by the company’s outstanding financial performance and steady revenue growth.
  • The company’s aggressive expansion ambitions, especially in digital financial services, have placed it favorably in India’s rapidly expanding digital economy.
  • Furthermore supporting investor enthusiasm is Reliance Jio’s backing, which offers both a sizable consumer base and financial resources.

Impact of Jio Financial Services Share Price Rise

Short-term market swings and profit booking could cause some volatility in the stock price of Jio Financials. However, the business’s solid foundation and room for expansion point to a future.

Long-term growth and higher shareholder value may result from Jio Financials’ strategic position. To take advantage of India’s expanding demand for digital financial services.

Jio Financial Services recorded a consolidated net profit of ₹293.82 crore for the quarter that ended in December 2023. A 56% decrease from ₹668.18 crore for the prior quarter (Q2FY24). Consolidated revenue from operations for the company fell 32% sequentially in Q3FY24. From ₹608.04 crore to ₹413.61 crore.

Jio financial services

Key Features of Jio Financial Services

1. Digital-First Approach to Financial Services

Jio Financial Services Ltd.’s digital-first strategy is one of its primary features. From the comfort of their homes. Users can access a range of financial goods and services through its user-friendly web platform and mobile application. Jio Financial Services Ltd. provides wide range of services to meet various financial needs, including banking, insurance, investments, and payments.

2. Financial Solutions for Individuals
Jio Financial Services Ltd offers simple personal banking services, such as digital payments, fixed deposits, and savings accounts. Customers may track their transactions in real-time, pay bills, transfer money. And manage their accounts with a few clicks on their cellphones.

3. Empowering Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs
The creative solutions offered by Jio Financial Services Ltd. are also advantageous to small companies and entrepreneurs. To help businesses succeed in the current competitive scenario. Jio Financial Services Ltd offers customized financial products and advisory services for tasks including processing payments. Managing cash flows, and obtaining working capital.

4. Security and Privacy
Jio Financial Services Ltd is dedicated to its consumers, but it also puts security and privacy first. It ensures user peace of mind by using advanced technology and strong security measures to protect consumer data and transactions.


We hope you have all the information about Jio financial services share price rise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Jio Financial Services Limited share price?

Ans: 333.00 INR

Q2: What is the reliance Jio financial services demerger ratio?

Ans: it is set to 1:1, so for each share on Reliance you get one share of Jio financial services.

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