Mahindra, a prominent player in the electric 3-wheeler segment, introduced the new e-Alfa Super rickshaw on Wednesday
It is priced at Rs 1.61 Lakh , and its availability depends on local government approval for e-rickshaws in the specific State.
It’s well designed to withstand daily harsh usage, it is backed by a trust from 50000+ e-Alfa customers.
It offers free accidental insurance worth Rs 10 lakh for the drivers, upon purchase.
It comes with a 1-year warranty on the rickshaw,  and a 18-month warranty on the battery.

e-Alfa Super Features:

It is Equipped with a 140 Ah Lead-acid battery, and the company claims over 95 km distance can be covered on a single charge (20% improvement) compared to previous versions.

It generates 1.64 kW peak power and 22 Nm torque for superior performance.

It’s notable safety features, include advanced braking system and roof-mounted grab handles and a metallic body.

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It’s Enhanced range improves the potential earning for its users/drivers.

It is expected to display Superior performance with powerful motor and torque.

Mahindra being a well-known established company/organsiation is known for its reliabile products and holds a high trust among the general public.

It is giving a Comprehensive warranty coverage for the vehicle and the battery.


It’s availability is subject to local state government approvals.

It is equipped with Lead-acid battery technology which might have limitations in terms of its  lifespan and weight.

Charging and Service:

It comes with an 18A charger (12-month warranty) for faster charging, and minimizing the downtime.

It will have access to over 10,000 nationwide charging stations through charging partners.

Its Battery is backed by an 18-month warranty, ensuring long-term reliability.

It can access more than 1150 Mahindra touchpoints in India for its servicing.

Overall Impact:

It provides economic benefits for its driver partners and also reduces environmental impact.

There will be Challenges faced as well which include regulatory approval from respective organisations/agencies and also the potential limitations of lead-acid battery technology.

However, Mahindra’s extensive network support across India will enhances customer satisfaction and convenience to a large extent in most of the cases.

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