One of the top producers of computer displays is Dell, and among its gaming monitors are a few of the best-selling models available. For this reason, the Dell 27-inch G2723HN gaming monitor is a superb example. It is perfect for gamers of all skill levels because of its large display, high refresh rate, and quick response time.

The 27-inch Dell G2723HN gaming monitor is currently 50% off at Dell, making it a fantastic deal. This is the ideal time to purchase a new gaming monitor at a discount if you’re in the market for one.


A thorough evaluation of the Dell 27-inch G2723HN gaming monitor is provided below:

Size and resolution of the screen

The screen size of the Dell 27-inch G2723HN gaming monitor is 27 inches, and it features a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. This screen size is ideal for gaming because it offers a sizable viewing area without taking up a lot of desk space. The resolution provides a nice blend of image quality and performance, making it a suitable choice for gaming as well.

Response time and refresh rate

The reaction time and refresh rate of the Dell 27-inch G2723HN gaming monitor are 1ms and 165Hz, respectively. The total number of times per second that the monitor may update the image displayed on the screen is known as the refresh rate. Motion blur can be lessened and games can appear smoother and more responsive with a faster refresh rate. The time it takes for the monitor to go from one color to another is known as the response time. Ghosting and other artifacts might be more pronounced in fast-paced games, therefore a quicker response time can help minimize them.

Panel design

An IPS panel is used in the Dell 27-inch G2723HN gaming monitor. Wide viewing angles, outstanding color accuracy, and high contrast ratios are all features of IPS panels. They can deliver a strong overall image quality experience, making them a fantastic option for gaming monitors.

Brightness and ratio of contrast

The brightness and contrast ratios of the Dell 27-inch G2723HN gaming monitor are 350 nits and 1000:1, respectively. Although the brightness is adequate for most contexts, certain excessively bright rooms might not be able to use it. Additionally, the contrast ratio is favorable, and it will generally produce images of high quality.


A variety of features in the Dell 27-inch G2723HN gaming monitor make it a solid option for gamers. These qualities consist of:

Support for FreeSync: FreeSync is a technology with a variable refresh rate that can aid in lessening tearing and stuttering in games.

Game mode: The monitor’s settings are optimized in game mode to deliver the greatest possible performance and image quality.

The monitor may be mounted to a wall or monitor stand because it is VESA mount compliant.

Additional information on the Dell 27-inch G2723HN gaming monitor is provided below:

  • The monitor boasts a small bezel, a sleek and fashionable design, and a black and red color scheme. Additionally, the height may be adjusted so you can find the ideal viewing angle.
  • The display offers several connectors, including USB, HDMI, and DisplayPort.
  • There are three cables included with the monitor: an HDMI cable, a DisplayPort cable, and a power cable.


The Dell 27-inch G2723HN gaming display is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a new gaming monitor. It has several characteristics that make it perfect for gaming, including a sizable screen, a high refresh rate, quick response times, and other advantages. Additionally, Dell is currently offering it at a fantastic discount of 50%.

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