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Google officially launched Gemini Advanced on February 8, 2024, marking an important moment in the field of artificial intelligence development. The most powerful and adaptable version of Google’s AI model, Gemini, is available to users at this premium level. It represents the peak of years of research and development. Let’s examine the key components of google introduces gemini advanced. And consider how it might affect future interactions between humans and artificial intelligence.

Google said that Gemini will be the new name for its AI chatbot, Google Bard. Gemini Advanced, a brand-new AI tool that gives users access to the biggest Gemini 1.0 foundation model, Ultra 1.0. In December, Google introduced Gemini, a multimodal model capable of training on and producing text, graphics, audio, and video.

Why Google introduces gemini advanced

Google Renames Bard to Gemini and with launch of Google Gemini Advanced Google seems advance quickly to keep up with OpenAI. And its only cloud partner, Microsoft.

Google says that Gemini Advanced can help creators go from idea to creation. By creating original material, serving as a personal educator, and performing advanced coding. Whereas, free version of Gemini will be available to all users having google account.

Applications of Gemini advanced

Although comparisons offer significant information, the ultimate test is still real-world application. Since google introduces gemini advanced it will empower consumers across several domains:

  • Personal Tutor: 

Picture a customized study partner that can make quizzes, hold thoughtful conversations, and offer step-by-step guidance. Gemini Advanced wants to be that helper for learners of all ages and ability levels.

  • Innovative Partner:

Writing a project and getting stuck? Generating ideas for code? In order to support individuals and groups in their creative activities. Gemini Advanced can serve as forum for discussion, scattering ideas around, analyzing various techniques, and even generating new text formats.

  • Research Assistant: 

Gemini Advanced speeds up research and promotes new findings. By enabling researchers in a variety of fields to do thorough literature studies, analyze data, and develop theories.

google introduces gemini advanced

An answer to Microsoft

Gemini Advanced seems to be a direct rival of Microsoft Copilot, according to Paul Baier, CEO of GAI Insights. However, the product adopts a different strategy by prioritizing user data within Gmail, Google Docs, or Slides. Rather than a Microsoft copilot that is connected to an application.

Safety of user data

Google recognizes that ethics and safety play an important part in the development of powerful AI.

Gemini has maximum safety assessments of any Google AI model to date. It covers potential threats like as manipulation, toxicity, prejudice, and cyber-offense. Google tests Gemini extensively both internally and externally to make sure it is a responsible and reliable product.

Subscription Cost and Availability

Currently, Gemini Advanced is offered as part of new Google One AI Premium tier and runs on a subscription basis. This strategy maintains a balance between accessibility and model development and maintenance, enabling Google to make ongoing investments. But given that this technology has potential to increase the digital divide, discussions about affordability and inclusivity are still vital. It is currently usually accessible in English in 150 nations and territories. After a free two-month trial period, Gemini Advanced is accessible as part of Google One AI Premium Plan for $19.99.

It can also be found via the Google app on iOS and as an app for Android.

The Path Ahead in Changing AI Environment

Google’s AI journey has advanced significantly with the release of Gemini Advanced. But it’s important to keep in mind that this is only the start. AI is a rapidly developing control with intense rivalry. Microsoft’s latest developments with Copilot 365 provide an example of the quickly evolving environment. In which innovation gets promoted by both healthy competition and teamwork.

Potential drawbacks of google introduces gemini advanced

  • Job Destroyer:

Some people worry that artificial intelligence (AI) systems like Gemini Advanced may eventually replace workers in specific industries. Although technology can automate certain work. It is more likely to help and upskill individuals, requiring that we adjust and pick up new skills.

  • Fake News Generator: 

When misused, Gemini Advanced may produce deepfakes or fake news, making it more difficult to differentiate between the two. To escape this trap, we must use intelligence and consult reliable resources.

  • Biased : 

Gemini Advanced may reflect the biases found in its training data if it is not properly programmed. It is important that development be fair and diverse because this could result in unequal outcomes.

  • Increased dependance: 

If we rely too much on AI, we may become less capable of independent thought. It’s important to use these resources to supplement our own critical thinking abilities rather than to replace them.

Competition boost as google introduces gemini advanced

According to Beccue, Google’s introduction of Gemini Advanced indicates that its’ not far behind Microsoft in race for generative AI. Although Microsoft has previewed Copilot 365 for months, they only made it publicly accessible a few months ago. Gemini Advanced faces some interesting rivalry from the following AI tools:

  • Microsoft Copilot 365:

This tool that resides in Microsoft Office can help you with coding, writing emails, and other tasks.

  • IBM Watson Assistant: 

This AI tool acts as a super-intelligent receptionist for businesses, supporting chats with both staff and consumers.

  • LaMDA: 

Google’s patented open-source AI, excellent for factual language understanding and conversation.

  • Jasper: 

This AI creates a variety of artistic content, including social media postings and marketing writing.


Google introduces Gemini Advanced has set path for a time when artificial intelligence (AI) enters every aspect of our life. Thereby improving our capacity for creativity, learning, and problem-solving. While accessibility issues and ethical issues demand ongoing examination. Google’s commitment to responsible development, performance, and safety provides appealing window into how humans and AI will interact in future. It’s important that we continue to evaluate the effects of these developments. And make sure that AI technologies are advantageous to all members of society.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: When did Goggle launched Gemini Advanced?

Ans: Gemini Advanced got launched on 8 February, 2024.

Q2: Why is Google Gemini better than ChatGPT?

Ans: Gemini’s multimodality shows significant benefit in tasks involving the processing of images, videos, and sounds, as compared to Chatgpt.

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