Iran visa-free for Indian tourists

Iran visa-free policy for Indian tourists

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Iran had said in December of last year that it would no longer ask for visas for nationals of India. There are 32 other Iran visa free countries which include Belarus, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and UAE. On February 4, 2024, wonderful news for Indian travellers came out. Indians can travel to Iran without any visa now. That gives them the opportunity to see a variety of ancient sites and rich cultural diversity of Iran. But, before you start packing, let’s find out what this Iran visa-free for Indian tourists policy comprises of.

Reasons for Iran visa-free for Indian tourists

Iranian Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts, Ezzatollah Zarghami, stated that goal of this action is to increase tourism. By attracting more tourists from around the globe. She added, Iran aims to counter Iranophobia with this move. It also serves as an example of Iran’s commitment to international cooperation.

Most recent data indicates that during first eight months of current Iranian year starting from 21st March. There were 4.4 million tourists in Iran. Its’ 48.5% more from the same time the previous year. Iran had previously waived the need for visas for nationals of China, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Oman, Armenia, Lebanon, and Syria.

Countries that are visa-free for Indian tourists

Citizens of India are no longer need to have a visa for Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. At present, there are 27 visa free countries for India.

Indian nationals can also enter the following nations Barbados, Bhutan, Dominica, Haiti, Maldives, Mauritius, Nepal, Samoa, and Trinidad and Tobago.

The top five travel destinations for Indians are UAE, US, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Thailand, as per Ministry of Tourism.

Iran visa-free for Indian tourists policy

Details of Iran visa-free for Indian tourists

  • Visa-Free Entry: 

Indian passports holders can now visit Iran for tourism as Iran visa free for Indian nationals. Without the need for a prior visa, saving time and effort. Only plane travel is covered by this, and a maximum stay of 15 days gets permitted.

  • Boosting Tourism: 

By encouraging cross-cultural interaction and business prospects, this action seeks to bring back Iran’s tourism sector. Indians have the opportunity to see Iran’s beautiful fabric up close.

  • Exploring the Wonders of Iran: 

Iran attracts with its historic ruins, vibrant bazaars, and friendly people. It has architectural wonders of Isfahan and the blue waters of Kish Island.

Limitations of Iran visa-free for Indian tourists

  • Limited Time:

Remember that Iran visa-free travel has 15-day period that can’t get extended. Make sure your schedule is well-planned to accommodate this window of time.

  • Frequency Restriction: 

This six-month visa-free benefit is only available once. So if your dreams include several visits, schedule them appropriately.

  • Specific Purpose Only: 

This is just being done for travel. For business, education, or prolonged visits, a visa must get obtained via the customary procedures.

Who can travel using Iran visa-free for Indian tourists

  • Once every six months, regular passport holders will get permitted entry into Iran for maximum of 15 days without visa.
  • The removal of visas remains limited to visitors arriving for tourism only.
  • Those who want to stay longer or make more than one entry must get the required visas.
  • Indians traveling to Iran via air get exempt from the need for a visa.

Points to Consider on Iran visa-free for Indian tourists

  • Return/Onward Tickets:

Make sure you confirmed your return or onward tickets, since immigration officers can verify.

  • Accommodations:

Make bookings of hotel room in advance, specially during the busy times of the year.

  • Insurance: 

For any overseas journey, travel insurance is important

  • Dress Code: 

Wear modest clothing that covers your knees and shoulders, keeping in mind local customs of Iran.

  • Currency Exchange: 

Keep some US dollars or euros on hand. In case you need to exchange currencies because not all places accept foreign credit cards.

  • Remain Up to Date:

Before you start your journey, familiarize yourself with the most recent travel advisories and cultural customs of Iran.

Things to consider beyond Iran visa-free for Indian tourists

Although the visa-free access makes travel planning easier, there are a few other things to think about:

  • Language:

Although English is used in tourist areas, Farsi is the official language. For a more engaging experience, think about picking up some simple phrases in Farsi.

  • Transportation: Major cities in Iran are connected by domestic aircraft, buses, and trains. There are ride-sharing apps and taxis available as well.
  • Accommodations for tourists: 

Hotels that are affordable and luxurious ones are among the options to choose from. Choose according to your spending limit and tastes.

  • Activities:

It can include visiting historical monuments, shopping in busy bazaars, tasting regional food, and going on outdoor adventures.

A Glimpse into Iran

Iran as a country has a rich history & culture. From the imposing turquoise dome of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan to the historic ruins of Persepolis. Enjoy beautiful tilework of Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, and immense size of Dasht-e Lut desert, and spices at the Grand Bazaar.

India-Iran ties

The development shows how strong India-Iran relations have remained despite several changes to the geopolitical situation. Iran used to be India’s major supply of oil, but after former US President Donald Trump imposed harsh sanctions against the Islamic country, things changed.


Indian tourists have a fantastic opportunity to discover Iran’s appealing beauty thanks to Iran visa-free for Indian tourists. Indian visitors can now enter Iran without a visa, opening up a world of historical and cultural discovery. Keep in mind the limitations, make careful preparations, and grab the chance to experience the hospitality of the Iranian people as well as the breathtaking beauty of their country. Good luck, and may you have an amazing adventure full of memories.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is travelling to Iran safe for Indian woman?

Ans: Most people agree that Iran is safe for tourists, including Indians. Millions of tourists have directly experienced Iran as one of the safest nations. But, its’ advisable to proceed with caution and keep updated on the most recent travel warnings before your trip.

Q2: Does Iran cost more than India?

Ans: India’s average cost of living is 34% less than Iran’s. India is at number 188 on list of most expensive countries in world, while Iran is at number 141.

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