Jeff Lebby American football coach

Jeff Lebby, an American Football Coach

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Jeff Lebby is an American football coach and a former player who is the head coach at Mississippi State University. He has served as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Oklahoma and an assistant coach at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), Baylor University, and University of Central Florida (UCF).

Early Life and Introduction to Football

Jeff Lebby, born on June 10, 1983, in Oklahoma, was meant to pursue a career in football from a young age. Growing up in a football-centric environment, he developed a passion for the sport, fueling his desire to become a coach. His father-in-law, Art Briles, a respected figure in coaching, played a pivotal role in shaping Lebby’s career aspirations and approach to the game.

Education and Playing Career

Lebby pursued his education at the University of Oklahoma, where he majored in communication and showcased his talent as a quarterback for the Sooners. His time as a player honed his understanding of the game’s intricacies and laid the groundwork for his future coaching endeavors.

Transition to Coaching

Following his collegiate playing career, Lebby transitioned into coaching, serving as a student assistant at Oklahoma under the mentorship of renowned coach Bob Stoops. This early exposure provided invaluable experience and shaped his coaching philosophy.

Rise at Baylor University

Lebby’s career trajectory soared when he joined Baylor University’s coaching staff alongside his father-in-law, Art Briles. At Baylor, he specialized in offensive strategies and quarterback development, garnering attention for his innovative play-calling and contribution to the success of notable quarterbacks like Robert Griffin III and Bryce Petty.

Coaching Philosophy and Innovation

Lebby’s coaching philosophy revolves around an up-tempo, high-octane offensive style emphasizing speed, precision, and adaptability. His innovative strategies and ability to develop quarterbacks became hallmarks of his coaching prowess, earning him recognition across collegiate football.

Controversy and Challenges

However, Lebby’s tenure at Baylor was not devoid of controversy. In 2016, Baylor faced NCAA sanctions for various violations, including improper recruiting practices. While it did not implicate Lebby in the infractions, his association with the program drew scrutiny and challenged his career trajectory.

Career at UCF

In 2017, Jeff Lebby accepted the role of offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at the University of Central Florida (UCF). His arrival sparked a resurgence in UCF’s offensive dynamics, characterized by innovative play-calling and a fast-paced, dynamic style of play. Under his guidance, UCF achieved an undefeated regular season, solidifying Lebby’s reputation as a rising star in coaching circles.

Personal Life and Family

Jeff Lebby’s personal life often intersects with his professional journey. He is married to Kendal Briles, the daughter of his mentor, Art Briles. This familial connection to football further deepens his ties to the sport and underscores his commitment to his coaching career.

Move to Ole Miss

In 2021, Lebby embarked on a new chapter, joining the coaching staff at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) under head coach Lane Kiffin. His appointment as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach signaled a fresh opportunity to showcase his expertise in crafting dynamic offenses and contribute to the growth of a new football program.

Career Trajectory and Legacy

Throughout his career, Jeff Lebby’s impact on collegiate football has been substantial. His innovative offensive schemes, quarterback development prowess, and adaptability to evolving game dynamics have positioned him as a sought-after coach in the competitive landscape of college football.


Jeff Lebby is an American football coach; his journey through the world of college football coaching exemplifies dedication, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. He leaves a lasting legacy in collegiate football through his talent for building powerful offenses, nurturing quarterbacks, and overcoming sport-related obstacles. His familial ties to the sport through his marriage to Kendal Briles further emphasize his deep-rooted connection to the game, fueling his passion for coaching and shaping the future of football.


Is Jeff Lebby associated with any controversies?

Lebby’s tenure at Baylor University coincided with a period of controversy and NCAA sanctions related to violations within the program. Although he had no connection to the violations, his involvement with the program drew attention.

What is Jeff Lebby’s coaching philosophy?

Lebby’s coaching philosophy centers on a fast-paced, dynamic offensive approach that maximizes the strengths of his players. He emphasizes adaptability, precision, and innovation in his offensive schemes.

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