James Daniel Jordan is the birth name of American politician Jim Jordan. Born on February 17, 1964, he is an American politician who has represented Ohio’s 4th congressional area in the House of Representatives for the past 9 terms, starting in 2007. He is a former collegiate wrestler and college wrestling coach who currently belongs to the Republican Party. As of right now, Jordan is the House Republican Conference’s choice for the Speaker of the House election scheduled for October 2023.

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The Age of Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan, who turns 59 in 2023, was born in Urbana, Ohio, on February 17, 1964, in the United States.

Height of Jim Jordan

Jordan is six feet tall, which accentuates his athletic, slender build. Jordan was a wrestler and wrestling coach in the past.

What race does Jim Jordan belong to?

James Daniel Jordan was born to Shirley and John Jordan. He was born and reared in Champaign County, Ohio, and is of White ethnicity.

Siblings of Jim Jordan

Jordan’s long-term girlfriend and wife, Polly, was first introduced to him by her brothers, who were fellow wrestlers.

After that, Daniel Jordan completed his post-graduation coursework at Ohio State University and earned a master’s in education.

Wife of Jim Jordan.

Jordan and Polly began dating at the ages of 14 and 13 respectively, and have been together since 1985.

Jim Jordan, then just 13 years old, met Polly after his wrestling match happened to overlap with her brothers’ wrestling match. They’ll have been married over 36 years and had four children together by 2021.

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Jim Jordan’s kids.

Jordan has four children and grandchildren with his long-term partner. Isaac Jordan, Benjamin Jordan, Jessie Jordan, and Rachel Jordan are his sons and daughters.

Jim Jordan career

Jordan served as Ohio State University’s assistant wrestling coach from 1986 until 1994 after graduating from college.

Jordan was chosen to serve in the Ohio House of Representatives in 1994. He held positions in the Ohio Senators for two terms and the Ohio House for three terms. Jordan was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 2006. Seven times has he been re-elected.

Jordan is one of the members of the Oversight and Judiciary Committees in the House. He is well-known for his vocal support of Trump and his conservative viewpoints. In 2019 and 2020, Jordan was an outspoken opponent of Trump’s impeachment.

Jordan was appointed chairperson of the House Judiciary Panel in 2023. He will be responsible for overseeing probes into the administration of Vice President Biden and other Democratic targets in this role.

What is Jim Jordan’s salary?

He was paid a base salary of $174,00 as of 2021.

What is Jim Jordan’s net worth?

Since 2007, American lawmaker James Jordan has served as a wrestler and instructor before entering politics. He is net worth $200,000 in total.

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