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Oneplus Watch 2 Specifications

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OnePlus has recently launched OnePlus Watch 2 it is grabbing eveyone’s attention. In this post, we will discuss about its design, display, features, performance, battery and much more.

What is OnePlus Watch 2?

OnePlus Watch 2 is a smartwatch that runs on Wear OS operating system. It also has a second, secret Operating system for handling low-level tasks and extending its battery life. Oneplus watch 2 release date for India was 26 February 2024.

Features of OnePlus Watch 2

Let us discuss about oneplus watch 2 features


  • It doesn’t have round edges. Instead it has flat sides, straight lines, and hardened edges.
  • It’s has a bulkier design that is more useful than its’ previous versions.
  • This design will get more preference among males.

Colors & materials used

  • OnePlus Watch 2 is available in two colors, Black Steel and lighter Radiant Steel.
  • Material used for making them is of stainless steel. They have a brushed metal finish with some glossy, and polished surfaces.
  • It also has a 2.5D sapphire crystal glass, which has curves at the edges.

Switches & straps

  • There are 2 side switches. One on the top that looks like a crown and one on the bottom, which has a flat surface. Both buttons are easy to click and have the just the required resistance.
  • It comes with 2 types of straps, black & green.

Overall look and feel

It looks better than its previous versions. Its’ dimensions and weight have increased. It’s not good if you wear your watch while sleeping.


  • It has 1.43-inch, 466×466 resolution, AMOLED display.
  • Its refresh rate is 60Hz. And it has a brightness mode of 1000 nits, that’s considered quite good.
  • Inky blacks, and slightly oversaturated colors, and favorable viewing angles make the display simple to look at.
  • The display doesn’t get very bright in intense sunlight. That can make watch hard to see.
  • Auto brightness feature works well indoors compared to outdoors.
Oneplus watch 2

Battery and charging

It has a large 500mAh battery that lasts up to 100 hours in Smart mode. And atleast twelve days in Power Saving mode.

Nevertheless, the Watch 2battery easily lasts longer than other smartwatches on the market by a day or two. Because of its hybrid processor and OS, huge battery. Even heavy users can expect it to go two to three days between charges.

The watch gets charged by a magnetic puck that attaches to the rear of the gadget. You can use a USB-C connection on the compact puck to connect your cable.

Operating system

  • Operating system of Watch 2 has Wear OS, it runs on Snapdragon W5 chipset. And RTOS that runs on BES 2700.
  • RTOS and 2700 control functioning of background activities like connectivity, sleep, and fitness tracking.
  • Wear OS and W5 chipset run when user interacts with apps and Wear OS-related features

Power saving

The Watch 2 saves a lot of power by keeping W5 idle, which is an advantage of hybrid operating system. And use the low-power 2700 chipset to perform low-level tasks. W5 chip should only be used for stuff like active apps and unofficial watch faces. When the watch is in Smart mode, it operates in that manner by default. In this setting, OnePlus promises a battery life of 48–100 hours.

Additionally, there is a Power Saver mode that just uses RTOS mode and turns off all Wear OS features. You can still use all of your fitness and monitoring features while in this mode. But all apps, third-party watch faces, and some communication features get disabled.

User experience

It’s simple to use and has everything in its proper place.


The Watch 2 has support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, and GPS when it comes to connectivity. Unlike the original OnePlus Watch, where the GPS would frequently take several minutes to establish connection. The Watch 2’s GPS is very reliable.

The watch has 32GB of internal storage. And from it about 23GB may be used. This allows you to download a large amount of audio material in an acceptable quality to the watch. You can then listen to it by pairing your wireless headphones with the watch directly. You can only access data via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as cellular connectivity is not an option.


The Watch 2’s performance is decent. Though there are sometimes delays and slowdowns when accessing the Wear OS menus, third-party apps, and watch faces. The user interface operates without any issues. When the watch is only using BES 2700 chip and is in Power Saving mode, it eventually slows down significantly.

The Watch 2 like its previous version have the phone limitation of only working with Android phones.


Oneplus watch 2 price starts from ₹22,999 in India.


There are many types of watch faces in the app. Many of them are modifiable, allowing you to change elements like complexity, color, and typefaces. You can get more from the Play Store if your device runs Wear OS.

Workout related settings

The watch can monitor your stress and sleep levels. It has a standard array of sensors, such as ones for blood oxygen and heart rate. That should be sufficient for the majority of people. But if you’re searching for something like EKG or blood pressure monitor, you will get them at higher price range.

Watch faces

Along with popular sports like tennis and badminton. The watch also records a variety of other activities, such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, jumping, hiking, and skiing. Most of the watch faces function fairly well.


We did Oneplus watch 2 review in this post. It is a stylish watch with a strong display, smart hybrid software, and a long battery life. Compared to its previous version, which were average at best, this seems like a significant improvement.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is Oneplus watch 2 release date in India?

Ans: 26 February 2024.

Q2: What is Oneplus watch 2 tagline?

Ans: “Your Partner in Time”.

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