Tata Curvv EV and ICE

Get ready to ignite your anticipation, as the Curvv sprints onto the stage in its electric avatar in the first half of 2024. Hold onto your excitement as the ICE version zooms in shortly after. Leading the pack, Tata Curvv EV car takes center stage, setting the course for the  Tata Curvv ICE version to step up next.

This strategic move leverages the existing electric buzz to boost overall sales, enhancing the impact of the brand’s name in the EV realm.

First mover advantage for Tata Curvv EV Car

The bold Coupe SUV design will play a pivotal role, as Tata Motors strategically positions itself as a pioneering force in the segment. Mirroring the success of Nexon EV and Tiago EV, this approach is poised to work its magic once again with the electric Curvv. With its main rival, Creta EV, lacking a set launch date, and Elevate EV confirmed for 2026, Tata enjoys ample space to flourish as the segment’s trailblazing frontrunner

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Innovative design coupled with cutting-edge technology

While the Tata CURVV EV car comes with a heftier price tag than its Tata Curvv ICE counterpart, it flaunts unique features that make the price difference worthwhile. Despite these distinctions, both versions uphold uniform design, quality, and spaciousness. The Tata CURVV Ice presents an enticing value-for-money proposition, thanks to its notably lower price compared to the  Tata Curvv EV variant.

Expected Tata Curvv EV and ICE price in India

While an electric Tata Curvv Car will naturally come with a higher price tag compared to its ICE counterpart, Tata’s innovative approach promises a host of exclusive features for the EV model. While there will be a noticeable disparity in feature offerings between the two Tata Curvv versions, fundamental aspects like design, quality, and space will harmonize across both. On the flip side, the ICE Curvv boasts an attractive value-for-money proposition, flaunting a significantly lower price point than its electric sibling. For perspective, consider the price contrast seen in the Nexon lineup. Currently, the entry-level Petrol MT starts just shy of Rs. 8 lakh, while the Nexon EV Prime begins at Rs. 16.49 lakh (all prices, ex-showroom). Anticipate a similar pricing strategy with the forthcoming Curvv derivatives.Brace for impact – this launch is about to create ripples in the Indian automobile scene.

Full Specifications Of Tata Curvv

  • Tata Curvv will have engine displacement of 1198cc
  • Tata Curvv will have 4 cylinders, and each cylinder will have 4 valves
  • Its mode of transmission will be manual.
  • It won’t have support for fast charging
  • Mild Hybrid will not be available in Tata Curvv.

Tata Curvv expected release/launching date

Having graced the stage in both electric and ICE renditions over the past years, the Tata Curvv is now gearing up to hit the production line in the near future. As previously mentioned, the electric version is set to debut in Q1 FY24, paving the path for Tata Curvv ICE counterpart to follow suit in the subsequent months.

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