The latest and exciting feature of Voice Chat in WhatsApp is going to attract many users


Whatsapp latest feature

WhatsApp has recently launched a new voice chat feature for group chats. Group chat feature already existed on WhatsApp, but WhatsApp new voice call feature for groups works in different manner. Group members won’t get ringing notification automatically everytime someone from group starts a voice chat, instead, they will receive a push/pop-up notification. Voice chats lets users to immediately talk live with other members of a group chat yet still being able to message in the same or other groups. Here is everything you need to know about WhatsApp’s new group voice chat function.


What’s all new in this Voice chat feature of WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s new Voice chat feature functions similarly to an audio call, but for a larger group of individuals. It has additional capabilities and allows users to have live discussions. Let’s discuss all those new features below

Requires Increased Members in the Group

Although the WhatsApp voice call feature for Groups requires only upto to 32 people, the voice chat feature will work only when the number of members are between 33 and 128.

No ringtones only notification

When someone makes a voice chat call, users will only get notified by on-screen alerts, and no ringtone gets played, unlike the ordinary voice calls.

End to end encryption

All the voice chats features on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted to ensure the privacy & security of the users.

Supports all devices

WhatsApp has confirmed that voice chat functionality will be available for the users of Android as well as iOS based phones/devices.

Informational banner

WhatsApp has now integrated a new banner that conatins some necessary buttons and important information. For example, during the voice chat, the lower banner displays a list of participants, and add participant option.

latest feature of whatsapp

In-chat bubble for joining group voice chats

All WhatsApp users can now join various group voice chats with the help of the in-chat bubble feature.

When a call comes in, an in-chat bubble icon appears on the screen, allowing users to join the voice chat option.


By now you are well aware and informed on all the new features & capabilities that will come along with voice in WhatsApp Groups to improve the experience of users. Do give it a try as it has the potential to attract & grow popular with time.

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